Rev Dr John O’Brien – Missionary Profile Podcast – Episode 018 – Ukraine

Join Paul on this inspiring episode of the Missionary Profile Podcast as we sit down with John O’Brien, a dedicated Baptist missionary serving in Ukraine. In the midst of ongoing conflict, John and his wife Cathy have committed their lives to sharing the love of Christ and providing crucial humanitarian aid to those in need.

In this episode, we explore:

– The impact of the conflict on their ministry and the unique challenges they face in reaching local communities.
– The logistics and profound impact of delivering humanitarian aid, including two tons of supplies to a nearby village.
– The spiritual and physical support they offer to soldiers coming off the front lines.
– How they persevere through personal health challenges with unwavering faith and strength.
– The significant role of Cathy’s sign language ministry in enriching their outreach to the deaf community.
– The responses they have received to their Gospel message amidst the hardships and stories of transformation they have witnessed.
– Their ambitious goals for “Doing more in ’24” and how the global church community can support their mission.

Tune in to hear John’s heartfelt stories and discover how you can be a part of their impactful journey in Ukraine.

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