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Missionary Profiles is a captivating video podcast that delves into the inspiring stories of missionaries who are advancing God’s Kingdom. Tune in to discover the transformative work they’re doing, the challenges they face, and the profound impact they’re making on communities around the world.

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“Welcome to the ‘Missionary Profile Podcast,’ where the fervor of faith meets the frontier of the digital age. This show is an audio mosaic, piecing together the profound narratives of missionaries who are not just spreading the Word, but living it. Our mission extends beyond stories; we delve into the essence of what it means to answer a divine call, to leave the comfort of home for the sake of faith, family, and the growing Body of Christ. As the heartbeat of Digital Missions Display, this podcast is an extension of our core belief that technology can and should be used to amplify the good news across the globe.

Every episode is a celebration of those unsung heroes and a testament to the transformative power of dedicated missionary work. We bring you up-close and personal accounts from the mission fields—tales of salvation, grace, and the challenges conquered through faith. Our goal is to enlighten, inspire, and kindle a passion for missions in the digital realm, encouraging others to engage with and support the great commission. ‘Missionary Profile Podcast’ is more than a show; it’s a digital pulpit, a community, and a rallying cry for all who believe that stories of God’s work through his faithful servants need to be told and shared. Join us as we journey through the lives of those who dare to put a dent in the universe for the sake of the Gospel.”

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The Host Paul Sir

Paul Douglas

Paul is a missionary advocate and has been connecting church members to missionaries for a decade. Paul desires to reach missionaries in a way and style that has never been done before to help encourage, edify, and embolden the field missionary.

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