Paul Byars Missionary to the Philippines on the Missionary Profile Podcast

Join us in this compelling episode of the Missionary Profile Podcast as we sit down with Paul Byars, a dedicated missionary serving in the Philippines. In our conversation, Paul shares his inspiring journey to becoming a missionary, the call to this vibrant field, and the profound impact of his ministry over the years. Listen as Paul recounts how the gospel is warmly received by the local community and shares stories of transformative experiences from their outreach efforts.

Paul discusses the significant challenges faced in the field, the spiritual growth promoted through their Pastor’s and Men’s Retreat in Baguio, and the importance of missionary training that prepares families for global ministry. Additionally, Paul reflects on the 26th anniversary of their main church, detailing the evolution of their congregation and the spiritual milestones celebrated during this significant event.

Tune in to discover how Paul, along with his wife Ellen who supports behind the scenes, aims to cultivate a future of hope, seeking more souls, churches, and missionaries to spread faith around the world. This episode is not just about spreading the gospel but also about nurturing a community that thrives on faith, hope, and love.

Listen and be inspired by Paul’s unwavering dedication and the lives they’ve touched in the Philippines.

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