Missionary Profile Podcast – Episode 008 – Jon Bryant – Philippines

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πŸŽ™οΈ Just Released on the Missionary Profile Podcast: “Jon Bryant – A Story of Rest” 🏞️

Hey everyone, Paul here from Digital Missions Display. In our latest podcast episode, I had the opportunity to interview Jon Bryant, one of the driving forces behind Doane Rest. https://doanrest.com

Jon’s misisonary journey is not just about running a retreat for missionaries and pastors; it’s a story of genuine faith, dedication, and the profound impact of providing a peaceful haven for the Christian. He shared some deeply moving insights into the challenges and blessings of his work, giving us a real sense of what it means to serve others selflessly.

This episode is a bit different. It’s a real, down-to-earth conversation that I believe will resonate with anyone who values the essence of life, Salvation, and true service that impacts the faithful life.

Discover the utility of DOANE Rest retreat, a place of solace for missionaries in Christ, named after a family with a significant influence on the Christian music milieu. Hear the heart-touching stories of the 1,500-plus Christian workers the organization has supported over the years, and how it provides them a sanctuary in a safe, Christian ambiance.

From understanding Doane Rest’s role to appreciating the work of missionaries, this episode shines a beacon on the untold stories of individuals expressing unwavering faith through relentless service.

Tune in to hear Jon’s story. It’s one of those that stays with you, reminding us of the difference one person’s dedication can make.

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