Missionary Profile Podcast – Episode 006 – Rodney Houle Amazing Grace Mission

In this heartwarming episode of the Missionary Profile Podcast, we’re excited to welcome Rodney Houle, a dedicated missionary with Amazing Grace Mission. Alongside his wife Kathy, Rodney leads a life that’s far from ordinary, calling a 5th wheel trailer their home as they travel across the country. Their mission? To spread the Gospel in fairs, carnivals, and flea markets.

A Calling on Wheels
Rodney opens up about the incredible journey he and Kathy embarked upon. Discover how they felt called to this unique lifestyle and the faith that drives them forward.

“The Three Things God Can’t Do”
Rodney breaks down this intriguing concept that’s central to his ministry. Learn how this approach came to be and witness the profound impact it’s had on the lives they’ve touched.

Life on the Move
Hear about the challenges and memorable experiences that come with a mobile missionary lifestyle. From road obstacles to faith-guided triumphs, Rodney shares stories that are sure to inspire.

Transformative Testimonies
Be moved by real-life stories of transformation and the role of faith in reshaping lives, directly from Rodney’s mission field experiences.

Balancing Act
Ever wondered how missionaries manage their daily lives while on the move? Rodney and Kathy share insights into how they juggle personal needs and ministry responsibilities.

Addressing Misconceptions
Rodney discusses the common misconceptions and questions about faith he encounters, and how he addresses them with compassion and understanding.

A Message of Hope
Ending on a note of encouragement, Rodney shares a heartfelt message for our listeners, whether they’re seasoned missionaries, aspiring ones, or individuals seeking a deeper understanding of faith and God’s love.

Tune in to this uplifting episode and join Rodney Houle in exploring the depths of missionary work, faith, and the extraordinary life on the road in service of a higher calling.

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