Dr Scott Caudill – Missionary Profile Podcast – Episode 020 – Macedonia World Baptist Missions Director and President

Join us for a compelling episode of the Missionary Profile Podcast as we sit down with Dr. Scott Caudill, the President and General Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions (MWBM). Dr. Caudill will share his inspiring journey, from his calling to lead MWBM to the impactful moments he’s witnessed on the mission field.

In this episode, Dr. Caudill reflects on how MWBM adapts to the ever-changing global landscape, staying steadfast in the truth. He will share moving testimonies of missionaries who have overcome great challenges through faith and perseverance.

Discover how MWBM fosters unity and support among missionaries and churches, and learn how local churches and individuals can support MWBM’s mission.

Looking to the future, Dr. Caudill shares exciting initiatives that MWBM is planning. He will also discuss his upcoming mission trip to Africa, inviting us to pray specifically for his journey and the people he will minister to.

Finally, Dr. Caudill reflects on the recent success of the “Reach the World Youth Conference,” highlighting memorable moments and its impact on the next generation of missionaries.

Don’t miss this episode filled with faith, testimony, and vision for global missions. Tune in and be inspired to support and engage in the great commission!

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